All hail the unicorn queen!

You are hereby invited to celebrate Johanna Hajnos and help envision her vision of an amazing ball. The idea is that you’re not only a dear friend and guest this evening, you’re also part of creating the vision of a ball in the late 19-th century to early 20-th century.

Date: April 18 2020.
Time: 19-01
Place: Västerås stadshotell

How to prepare

Get an amazing outfit!

Aim for London late 1800's to early 1900's. All classes are accepted.

No need for gifts

...but you're welcome to prepare a speach, song, short shownumber or other act to show your appreciation to our beloved host. Send an e-mail to to enroll.

You can bring a friend

Just register your friend when registring below.

What to expect

  • There will be snacks but not dinner, so eat before arriving.
  • There will be a bar, where you can buy drinks with or without alcohol.
  • There will be friends, family, entertainment and dancing. But above all; there will be Johanna.

Things to think about

There's a official Facebook event named Unicorn Ball. There you can join in on the hype and gain inspiration and maybe even new friends.

If you wanna stay in Västerås for the night we highly recommend staying at Västerås stadshotell, where the party is held.

If you have a car and empty seats or wish to find someone with an empty seated car we recommend you visit the carpool-thread in the Facebook event.

If you're looking for clothing inspiration, there's threads for this as well in the Facebook event.